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The 21st Century Angelus Bells — Millennial

Old Irish Prayer meets modern tech


I have always been enamored by the Angelus. It’s one of my favorite prayers, although I don’t pray it as often as I should. It is short, but so much is contained within it. It is also the history of the prayer that attracts me, and particularly the relevance the prayer had in Ireland, my […]

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The Goddess, her husband and his lovers — The Renaissance Mathematicus

Science, space, discovery, history, romance, beauty….


In recent days the science sections of the media have been full of the successful entering of orbit around Jupiter by the NASA probe Juno after its five-year, 2.8 billion kilometre journey from the Earth. Many of the reports also talk about the so-called Galilean moons, Jupiter’s four largest moons (there are currently 67 known […]

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