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Coney Island Rotary Club — Discover

“First held in 1972, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is approximately as American as you would suspect it to be.” Have we reached a hot dogs-per-minute plateau in competitive eating? Rory Masterson explores dogs and data.

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Why I Hate My Dog — Discover

“In evolving with us for tens of thousands of years, maybe dogs became not just exemplars of happiness but, like humans, emotionally fragile creatures.” At Longreads, author Richard Gilbert paints a lighthearted portrait of Belle Krendl, his weird rescue dog.

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Pokémon Go and the politics of digital gaming in public — Discover

“Airbnb owns no properties; Uber owns no cars; Pokémon Go is just some markers on a map. The politics is someone else’s problem.” A critique on Pokémon Go, the nonconsensual use of public and private space, and the flânerie of today’s augmented reality game players.

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The 21st Century Angelus Bells — Millennial

Old Irish Prayer meets modern tech


I have always been enamored by the Angelus. It’s one of my favorite prayers, although I don’t pray it as often as I should. It is short, but so much is contained within it. It is also the history of the prayer that attracts me, and particularly the relevance the prayer had in Ireland, my […]

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